Avail Best Android Course In Kolkata For Lucrative Future

Android is a mobile operating system introduced by Open handset alliance and Google. Nowadays, numerous smart phones operate on Android OS and also offer superb features at a very low price. With the emergence of Android based smart phones, Android Application Development became the fastest and the largest growing market generating immense profit. Several mobile application development companies and web development companies have now shifted their focus on Android App Development. As a result, Ejobindia, the well known Android training institute in Kolkata, started giving relevant training on Android apps development. 
Currently there are over two hundred thousand applications available on Android. There are millions of Android users across the world who download the apps for their personal or professional needs from Android market.
The reliable and versatile features of the apps are what will attract you to use this OS. Thus, Android app development has proved to be in high demand these days. This, in turn, has enabled the training institutes to prosper. 

Here are some of the prime features of Android that will clearly justify why you should seek Android course in Kolkata or Android Application Development:
* Android is the open source mobile OS which has made Android app development quite cost effective. 
* Android developers can easily understand as well as use Android SDK to generate creative Android apps. 
* Java programming language and C/C++ are used for Android Application Development. Therefore, it is simple for a qualified and skilled Java programmer to work on Android apps. 
* Data storage is carried out in a structured way with the help of SQLite. 
* This development program allows developers to use the same codes for rapid application development thereby saving his time. 
* It gives support to connectivity technologies like GSM/EDGE, CDMA, IDEN, EV-DO, UMTS, Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, and WiMAX. 

Course Details:

Duration: 108 Hrs (3 Months).
Course Fees:  12,500 (You can pay in 2 installments) 

Module Structure:

Module: 1

  • OOPS, Naming convention,Android Commercial Versions,Android Project Structure
  • Android screens, Create New project & Import project, Android Activity, Life Cycle, Android Fundamental & Overview

Module: 2

  • Android Linear Layout & Relative Layout
  • Android Text View, Android Edit text, Android Image View
  • Android Button,Android Toast, Android Image Button, Android Toggle Button, Android Radio Button
  • Android Check Box, Android Spinner
  • What is Intent filter?
  • Pass different type of value.

Module: 3

  • Alert Dialog,Android Frame Layout & Table Layout
  • Android Layout inflates & Android List View
  • Android Expendable List view , Android Grid View, Android Scroll View & Horizontal Scroll View, Android web view, Android Map view

Module: 4

  • Android Number Picker & date time picker
  • Android Tab Host & Tab Widget
  • Android Orientation & Keyboard handle

1st Review

Module: 5

  • Android SDCARD (Read & write)
  • Android Database handle
  • Android File handling. (Read, Write & delete)
  • Android Shared Preference, Android Application class
  • Android assets & raw folder utility

Module: 6

  • Android Async Task (With progress dialog and without progress dialog)
  • Android XML Parsing (SAX, Document etc)
  • Android Jason Parsing
  • Android Internet connection handler

Module: 7

  • Android Notification, Android Timer
  • Android Handler, Thread, Android ProgressBar.
  • Android background service
  • Android Hardware Interaction (Camera, Gallery).

Module: 8

  • PhoneGap
  • Use of HTML5,Tags,Form Elements
  • CSS3 Intro,Difference between CSS2 and CSS3,Properties,css3 device detection , css3 browser compatibility
  • Setting up an PhoneGap Environment on the Android
  • Simple Phone Gap application

2nd Review

Android Project Development & Project Market Upload Process

Certification as Trainee Software Engineer:

On successful execution of the assigned project work you will be certified as Trainee Software Engineer by Global IT Solutions Group.