Professional .Net Training on Normal Schedule:

There are working professionals and also some students who can’t spend full time in training because of other involvements, for them Normal Schedule training is more suitable.
This is a total 108 hours training which they can take anytime as per their convenient. We generally prefer training for 3 hrs per day, on every alternate day. Apart from 108 hours total training duration students may opt for practice timing which will be arranged by the institute on free schedules.

Why Learn .Net:

Being a newbie if you want to learn good Object Oriented programming to begin with then .NET would be a great place to start. Dot Net is directed at modifying the entire computer world. It is a large set of development tools, servers, software, and services.

It has several advantages like simplified development efforts, high level of scalability, advanced security e.t.c. Now days most of the software companies use .Net as their windows or web applications development tool. These companies have very regular requirements of good .Net known candidates and that makes the chances of .Net trained fresher in IT industry.

Course Details:

Tools: Dot Net framework 4.0 with C# & SqlServer 2008.
Duration: 108 Hrs 
Course Fees:  12,000 

Module Structure:

Module 1: Dot Net Framework and Object Oriented Programming Concept in ASP.NET

(ASP.NET work, CLR, CLS, CTS ,Concept of Class and Object, Working with Constructor and Destructor, Properties,Interfaces, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Access Modifiers, Method Overloading, Operator Overloading.)

Module 2: Introductions to Database

(Insert /Edit/Delete/Select Query, Joining, Order By, Group By, Stored Procedure)

Module 3: ASP.NET Pages, Controls, Validation & JavaScript

(Page Life circle, IspostBack, AutopostBack, Asp.Net Controls likeTreeview, MultiView, Menu, MasterPage, Checkbox, ListBox, Validation, Hidden Fields, Session state, Query String, JavaScript Variables)

Module 4: List Controls and Data Binding with ADO.NET Classes

(Technical Introduction of ADO.NET, Data Provider, connection object, command object, DataSet, DataReader, DataAdapter,Web.Config,DropDownList DataBind,RadioButtonList DataBind,Gridview DataBind ,GridviewTemplate. )

Module 5: Introductions to Entity Framework and LINQ and work with Asp.net pages

(Introduction to LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entity Framework, How Entity Framework work in Asp.net)

Case Study: Create user registration form to enroll user with option to edit the form information of the successfully login user."

Module 6: Basic Concept of MVC Architecture.

(Introduction to MVC, MVC Architecture, Working with Controller, View and Model Binding, Validation.)

Case Study:Create a simple user list website. Users can enter, view, update, delete, search user information. Dropdown list binding from Database."

Module 7: Introductions AJAX with control

(AJAX, Update Panel control, Update Progress control, Accordion, CalendarExtender, ModalPopupExtender, TabContainer, AsynchronousFile Upload,Validator Control)

Module 8: Basic concept of Web Service

(Creating .asmx page, Deploy web service and call the service from server)

Live Project Development

“On completion of the course Students will be assigned with a Live Project development job under the guidance of our Project Manager from Development Center. The projects developed by the students during the training period will be made live in our dedicated server. A live demonstration of project work to the recruiter will facilitate the placement of the students.”

Certification as Trainee Software Engineer:

On successful execution of the assigned project work you will be certified as Trainee Software Engineer by Global IT Solutions Group.