Normal Schedule PHP Training

Students as well as working professionals who have other involvements are not able to devote their whole time for training. For such candidates, Normal Schedule training is suitable. 
This training session is of 114 hours which they can avail according to their convenience. We, the well-known PHP training institute in Kolkata generally provide this training for 3 hours every day on every alternate days. Besides, this training session, students can also go for practice timing. This will be arranged by the institute at some convenient time.

Why Learn PHP:

With training on PHP courses in Kolkata it is easy to step into the IT industry. PHP is a free and very significant web scripting language. This is the reason for its widespread popularity in the world of internet.

Regarding JOB opportunity after acquiring the training of this technology, here is an enormous list of above 150 companies from Kolkata in our client list only. Every company deals with PHP and has considerable vacancies for PHP trained professionals.

If you ask about the chances of PHP fresher from the PHP training centers in Kolkata, there is plenty of opportunities for them. The easiness of this web scripting language enables the employers to create experts from novice in this field within a short time period. Now, you know why there is increased demand for PHP fresher?

Training Schedule:

Duration: 114 Hrs.
Course Fees:  8,000 

Module Structure: 

Module 1: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Client Side JQuery

(HTML Tags, Table/Div, Forms, image,form,css syntax,selectors ,css properties,javascript concept,javascript events,various types of validation,jquery concept, jquery functions, usefull plugins)

Project Assignment: Project scope will be discussed and assigned on the 2nd day of this module. Application user interface will get developed and client side validations will be done in this session.

Module 2: Introduction of PHP & MySQL Database Connectivity

[PHP Syntax, Comments, Variables,value-passing, conditional-statements,loops,arrays ,function(inbuilt ,user-defined),session,cookies,php-errors. Database concept,sql-query,(create,insert,delete,edit,select[with join] using php),file upload] e.t.c)

Project work:In this session a proper normalized database will be designed for the application.

Module 3: Object Oriented Programming Concept in PHP, MySQL Database Connectivity, AJAX, Server Side JQuery

(Object Oriented Programming through PHP, Detail knowledge about class, object, inheritance, polymorphism, different types of variable in a class, encapsulation, Basic Ajax, Ajax XMLHttpRequest, Use of Jquery ajax)

Project work:The object oriented php code will be written to develop the application

Module 4: MVC Architecture

(A brief knowledge about MVC architecture. Knowledge of Codeigniter)

Project Work/Case Study:If the students opt for writing the application development code in MVC architecture then that will be done in this session. Otherwise a case study on MVC architecture will be done.

Module 5: Knowledge Of Open-Source

(Wordpress[back end development, create custom page, create custom plugin, create custom widget etc], Joomla[back end development])

*** On completion of every module an exam will be taken on that subject

Student Assessment:

At the end of final or 5th module, an assessment will be run by the Sr. developers from our development unit (OS4Ed) to find out any learning loopholes among the students and suggestions will be given accordingly.

Project Presentation:

As the final step of this training program, students will give a presentation of their project work to the project manager of our development unit.

Certification as Trainee Software Engineer:

On successful execution of the assigned project work you will be certified as Trainee Software Engineer by Global IT Solutions Group.