Lowest Price Web Hosting in Kolkata

Lowest Price Web Hosting in Kolkata

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What Is Shared Hosting?
A web hosting environment in which more than one website can be hosted on a single web server is called as shared hosting. These hosting accounts share the server resources like CPU, memory, and disk space. In simple language, multiple hosting accounts are created on a single server and those are assigned to individual websites or domain names. Startup or small business websites receive moderate traffic and so minimal amount of server resources are required to host such websites. For example, you travel by bus, where you need to share your seat with others. You choose this option as it is affordable as compared to taxi or your own car. Therefore, it is the most affordable form of hosting for small and startup businesses.
When Should I Choose Shared Hosting?
If you are looking to host your small business, blog or portfolio website then you should go for the shared hosting plan.
Why Is Shared Hosting So Cheap?
Shared hosting environment means sharing resources with other websites on a single shared server. As multiple websites are hosted on a single hosting server the cost gets divided amongst the users.
What If I Need More Advanced Hosting For My Website?
If it turns out that your website or need outgrows shared web hosting, you may upgrade to more superior hosting at any point of time, inclusive of VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting or Business Hosting in Cloud.
What Are The Benefits Of Using Shared Hosting?
Cost effective : Best when you are looking for an economical web hosting option.
Low maintenance cost : No need to look after the server for maintenance.
Free SSL & cPanel : You get more security for your website and a user friendly cPanel.

2 reviews for Lowest Price Web Hosting in Kolkata

  1. Monaj Sarkar

    We was wonder is it possible , such low cost hosting. Its great.

  2. Kabita Rao

    Best hosting company in kolkata, 100% uptime

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