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Accounts Management Software

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Here you come to know about a splendid and time saving 100% Accounting Software in which you can finalize your accounts up to balance sheet through importing data from any inventory software except bill creation & modification. Moreover you can also maintain customer’s account. All types of vat forms are available according to state . Accountants our company is providing software. Only Accounting Software maintenance. Below are the Additional Very Useful Accounting Features of our software as compared to other Accounting Softwares which are capable to provide you readily available misc. Reports for serving different reporting purposes, analysis, cost control & reduction.

Accounts Management Software

Product Name: Create company’s variety product names in advance from Product name category.

Product Amount: After that all product amount should create in respect of product Name.

Staff: Marketing staff, Seals staff, Administrator, Group D staff etc all types of categories should be created from staff section.

Payroll: The Payroll Management System deals with the financial aspects of employee’s salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay etc. and generation of pay-slips for a specific period.The outstanding benefit of Payroll Management System is its easy implementation. Other advantages of Payroll Management System are its extensive features and reports.

Payroll Management System gives you the power to:

• Employee salary

• Employee monthly salary report

• Employee salary calculation and tax deductions

• Employee leaves info & salary deductions

• Employee pay scale and increment information’s

• Attendance employer contributions processes.

• Generate Pay-Slip at the convenience of a mouse click.

• Manage your own Security

Collection: It is for only product. First choose sells staff name who sell the product, Customer Name, address can put in that time, then choose product name, Product Amount, and submit. Other than if customer exchange product then must be put the reason why he/she is returning the product, and its amount.

2) Sales: all sales details can check from this section according to date-month-year


A) Common expenses: Mobile bill, Electric bill, staff salary etc module names Should be created advance

B) Daily expenses: When expense that time put the details that the money expense for which purpose and what is the amount.

C) Income: A. Daily Income: amount of total income per day.

Balance sheet: Put the date-month-year, you can check total credit and debit in respect of that date
Put month- year You can check monthly income and expenses in exact month of this year.
Put only year you can check total profit/loss in particular year.

Billing & Invoiceing: An invoice & bill is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller had provided the buyer. Payment terms are usually stated on the invoice.

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