Best biometric device for attendance

Best biometric device for attendance

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Key features: Attendance WEB Portal
1. Centralized Server
2. Multi location Attendance
3. Multi User ( Super Admin / Admin / Supervisor / User )
4. Dashboard
Real-time device monitoring, Total Register Employee, Total Present Employee (Real-
Time), Device Status (Real-Time) – Auto Refresh
5. Multiple Companies
Create multiple companies and set Company Logo
6. Mail Settings (Auto Mail hit)
7. SMS Settings (Auto SMS hit)
Send SMS for Single punch (In and Out), Send SMS for Absent
8. Shift Management
Flexible Shift, Multi Shift, Shift Break, Punch Begin before, Punch end after, Grace
Time, Partial Day (Begin time and Ending Time)
9. Shift Calendar
Schedule shift by monthly
10. Shift Roster
Roster by Daily, Weekly and Monthly
11. Shift Group
12. Leave Management (Apply / Approved / Denied / Status by ESS)
13. Employee Categories (Single / Multiple)
a. Over Time
i) Out Punch – Shift End Time
ii) Total Duration – Shift Hours
iii) Early Coming + Late Going
b. Minimum OT and Maximum OT
c. Grace Time Management
i) Grace time for late coming
ii) Grace time for early going
d. Weekly off Management
i) Weekly off 1 (Fixed one)
ii) Weekly off 2 (Flexible)
e. Consider Early coming punch and late going punch
f. Neglect Last In Punch (For Missed Out Punch)
g. Consider only First And Last Punch In Att Calculation
h. Deduct Break Hours From Work Duration
i. Calculate half day or absent if work duration is less than __ min.
j. On Partial day calculate half day or absent if work duration is less than ___ min.
k. Mark weekly off and holiday as absent if prefix and suffix day is absent
l. Mark Half/Full day Absent when late for 1/2/3/4/5 days
m. Mark half day if late/early by
14. Holidays management
15. Department Management
16. Employee Management
I) Add/Edit/Delete Employee
II) Assign Company, Department, Designation, Grade, Team, Location,
Employee Type (Permanent/Temp/Contractual/Resign/etc etc), Category,
Shift Roster, Shift details, Aadher Number, Card Number, Date Of Joining,
Date Of Confirmation, Holiday Group
III) Update Personal Details (Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Contact Number,
Blood Group, Email ID, Date Of Birth, Place Of Birth, Nominee1,
Nominee2, Residential address, Permanent Address, Remarks)
IV) Update Pay Details ( Payment type [Bank Transfer/Cheque/ Cash], PAN
number, Bank Name, Account Number, IFSC Code, ESIC Number, PF
Number, PF Schema ), Basic, HRA, DA, Conveyance, OT Per hour and
Deduction part
V) Upload user photo
VI) Update Employee Login details ( Employee Self Service)
VII) Enroll FP Template by FP Enroller (USB types, Not required any Biometric
Attendance Device)
VIII) Employee Filter (Filter by Emp. Code/Emp
17. Employee Shift
i) Assign Employee shift by date of range
18. Employee Shift Schedule
i) Assign employee shift schedule by day wise
ii) Import and Export by Excel
19. Leave Management
i) Employee Leave assign management
20. Out Door Management (For Out Door Duties)
21. Log report/Attendance Log
22. Employee OT Register
23. Device Management
a. Add / Edit / Delete device
b. Upload user details to Single / Multiple Device (Execute by remote)
c. Delete user from Multiple device (Execute by remote)
d. Upload user template (FP / Card / Face / Plump) (Execute by remote)
e. User Block / Unblock (Execute by remote)
f. Remote Location FP Enrollment (Execute by remote)
g. Clear logs from device (Execute by remote)
h. Change IP, Subnet mask, Getway Address (Execute by remote)
i. Reset Txn Stamp (Execute by remote)
j. Reset OP Stamp (Execute by remote)
k. Change Card Key (Execute by remote)
l. Restart Device (Execute by remote)
m. Change WEB Server IP and Port address (Execute by remote)
n. Unlock Door (Execute by remote)
o. Reset Att Photo Stemp (Execute by remote)
24. Device Log List (Logs Record by device wise)
25. Manual Punch Logs
26. Device Commands status check
27. Device Operation details
28. Device Error report
29. FTP upload
30. Master Slave device list
31. Import and export employee details
32. Import and Export Employee others details
33. Import and Export employee lead details
34. Parallel Data Base Export (MS Sql & Oracle)
35. Attendance Report
a. Daily attendance report
i. Basic report
ii. Detailed report
iii. Detailed summary attendance report
iv. In-Out duration report
v. Summary Report
vi. IN/Out punch report
vii. Present report
viii. Absent report
ix. Late come report
x. Early going report
xi. On Leave
xii. On Out Door Duty
xiii. Short Worked
xiv. Extra Worked
xv. Miss punch report
xvi. CSV Export
b. Monthly report
i. Basic report
ii. Summary report
iii. Basic Work Duration
iv. Detailed Work Duration
v. Periodwise Report
vi. CSV export
vii. Custom Monthly Status Report
viii. Monthly late arrival Early dept. report
ix. Monthly hour wise summary
x. Monthly sheet designation
xi. Monthly first in report
xii. Late + Early Muster Details
xiii. OT Summary
c. Yearly Summary report
d. Attendance summary report
e. Leave Summary
f. Employee Details
g. Employee Shift Scheduler
h. Department summary
i. Leave Summary
j. Random Check report
k. Out door entries
l. Log Report
m. Daily log report Matrix
n. Continues abnormal report
o. Last Day status report
p. Memo generation
q. Special report
i. Department Vs Employee type matrix
ii. Company Vs Employee type matrix
iii. Employee graph
iv. Department Graph
v. Company graph
r. Customize report
s. Log export
t. Export Logs
i) SAP P10/P20
ii) Log In 3rd party payroll format
iii) Export log in custom format
iv) Export Device logs
eSSL WEB Scheduler: –
1) FTP file upload
2) Auto mail sending
i) Send eMail of late coming / Early going for department head
ii) Send late/early email to employee
iii) Send eMail notification of absent for department head
iv) Send absent eMail to employee
Key features: ESS ( Employee Self Service ) WEB Portal – Admin or Manager View
1. Out Door Entry Management (Apply / History / Approve / Denied)
2. Leave Management (Apply / Summary / History / Approve / Denied)
3. Mobile Punch Management (Approve / Denied / History) with Pictures
4. Location Management ( LAT/LONG)
Key features: ESS ( Employee Self Service ) WEB Portal – User or Employee View
1. Leave Management ( Apply / History / Leave Summary )
2. Out Door Entry ( Apply / History )
3. Attendance Report
4. Shift Details
5. Apply Manual Entry
6. Mobile Punch History ( Approved / Denied )
7. Holidays Status

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    Our office is now punctual by this device. Thanks all.

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