Crowdfunding MLM Software

Crowdfunding MLM Software

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Build Your Own
Crowdfunding Platform

 User Submitted Projects
Visitors can easily register for creator accounts and start submitting projects.

 Charge Project Fees
Use our integrated gateways to charge flat or percentage based fees, with ease!

 100%, All or Nothing
Offer project submitters the choice of fixed funding, flexible funding, or both.

 Backer Profiles
Let backers show off their funding history via IDE’s enhanced backer profiles.

Our Portfolio

Simple Signup for Backers and Creators

Backer Accounts

In order to reduce friction during checkout, AS Softech automatically registers backers when they purchase. All future orders are tied to their backer account.

Creator Accounts

AS Softech features a custom front-end registration form that is easily added to your navigation menu so that project creators can get started in seconds.

Front-End Project Submission Form

Registered users can easily create and edit projects from the front-end of your website via AS Softech custom dashboard menu.

Upon submission, both creator and admin will receive an email notification, giving admins the opportunity to review prior to publication, and enabling communication throughout the remainder of the campaign.

Easily Charge Commissions & Fees

Charge platform fees on a per-project basis using a commission percentage or flat price. Better yet, when using our built-in Stripe or PayPal Adaptive integrations, fees are automatically levied during purchase and payout.

Building trust between backers and creators is not just important, but essential to the success of any crowdfunding platform.

Creator profiles are prominently displayed on each project display prominently on each project page so that backers can learn more about each project creator, which increases trust and project marketability.

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  1. sujay paul

    hi Great team for web development. good service

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