Online exam portal

Online exam portal

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1) HOME : Home page contain logo, organization name, dynamic sliding banner, welcome message etc..

2) ABOUT US : About us contain details of organization, principal massage.

3) ONLINE TEST : List of all online test details like test name, marks, time duration is showing there subject or course basis.

4) LOGIN OPTION : Student can login there with user id & password.

5) CERTIFICATE OPTION : Result & certificate can be print from there.

6) NOTIFICATION : Important notice can be show there.

7) CONTACT US : Contact address, email, phone number will be there.

exam portal
exam portal
Administrator panel

1) SECURE LOGIN: Admin will be able to login securely on the portal.

2) ADMIN DASHBOARD: Admin will be able to view total numbers of students ,subjects ,Test Question , Test-papers, Test Question, Test papers, Test results on their dashboard.

3) MANAGE SETTING: Admin will be able to manage – (Add, Edit, View and Delete) , Username, Email ID, Password and can View and edit Front End page Content Of the website.

4) MANAGE STUDENTS: Admin will be able to view List of all Students and Can manage (ADD, EDIT, DELETE) Students. Admin will be able to ACTIVATE AND DEACTIVATE Students Profile.

5) MANAGE SUBJECTS: Admin will be able view list of subjects and can manage (ADD, EDIT, DELETE SUBJECTS).

6) MANAGE QUESTIONS: Admin will be able to view list of questions with Multiple options and can manage (ADD, EDIT and DELETE).

7) VIEW STUDENT TEST RESULTS: Admin will be able to view the list of of all students who have succesfully submitted tests.

8) MANAGE ANNOUNCEMENTS: Admin will be able to manage (ADD , EDIT and DELETE) at front end.

9) MANAGE CONTENT: Admin will be able to manage (view , edit) at the front end.

10) MANAGE TEST INSTRUCTIONS: Admin will be able to manage (edit, View and Online test Instruction).



1) STUDENT SECURELOGIN : Student can login scurely on the portal using Email Address, or google and Linkdin or facebook.

2) PROFILE : Student can view their profile and can manage their profile

3) Studen can take online Test After login : After applying for the test ,Student will be able to see the instruction page, and once they Read all instruction, they can start the test and after their pay is confirmed .

4) Student will be able to view Test result after finishing exam(s) and the certficate should automatic all pass or fail and the amount win after succesfully taken the exam

5) Students will be able to view statistical Reports of overall Exams analysis and detailed analysis like.

Total number of questions.

Number of quetsion attended and non attended.

Overall marks obtained.

6) Student can view announcement and recent exams or next exam date

Summary of student section

1) Securely login

2) Manage profile

3) View Test

4) Take online Test

5) Selected exam subject available and view the test applied

6) View Results

7) View announcement

Downdload and amount with certificate

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