Air hostess course in Barasat, Kolkata

Air hostess course in Barasat, Kolkata

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This sector has seen a vibrant growth over the last decade with rising economic infrastructure and increasing standard of living of the middle class, various unique models have been proposed. As per Goldman Sachs economic report of the country, 6 million aircraft and 400 million passenger departures are predicted by 2030.

Various factors which are responsible for the expansion of this sector include modern airports, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the domestic market, Advancement in technology and low carriage cost.

A lucrative career option for young students/candidates, it should be the first choice of students who have a pleasant personality, communication skills and zeal for travelling to new places.

The job usually involves greeting passengers, guidance, and settlement, coordinating with security, keeps regular check with passengers and pilots, assistance in case of emergencies etc. Major recruiters in this field are Indian Airlines, Air India, Jet Airways, Go Air, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, and United Air.

Travel is a key and main part of the job. One gets to visit various places, domestic and global. He/she gets a chance to meet people from various countries, learn new languages and explore new places.

Working hours in this field can range between 60-75 hrs for domestic flights and 80-85 hrs in case of international flights. Also, as per the guidelines laid out by the DGCA no air hostess or steward can fly more than 1000 hrs a year.

Behavior and skills required

Communication Skills

This job requires the person to communicate with passengers and help them with their needs. To understand the problem and convince them requires proficiency in English, Hindi and other foreign languages. Therefore language proficiency is the basic skill required in this field.

Presence of Mind

The structure of this job is not pre-planned. It works with one’s intellectual abilities and their responsiveness toward eventualities. In cases such as emergency landing, the crew is required to calm the passengers, follow the instructions and make everyone follow them.

Team Work

Management of aircraft is no one-man show. The crew works in a team of 10-12 people. Therefore it is important to work with the entire crew.

Pleasing personality

Appearance and attitude play a major role in the recruitment as well as in the job. Good looks, pleasant voice, sense of humor and positive attitude towards passengers are a must.

Ready to work long hours

Since international flight travels can be up to 20hrs long. Personnel in this field are required to serve long hours. Also, delays in flights are common due to bad weather or technical issues.

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