Hardware and Networking Training in Barasat, Kolkata

Hardware and Networking Training in Barasat, Kolkata

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Hardware and Networking Training in Barasat, Kolkata
Awarded as Best Hardware and Networking Training institute in Barasat, Kolkata – We Guarantee for your Placement & Certification Success in Hardware and Networking Courses.

We are a pioneer in providing IT and technical courses to the students in Barasat, Kolkata state. Barasat, Kolkata is the IT hub and the need of a certified and qualified professional who holds the right knowledge is more. We understand the need of the industry and designed various IT and Technical courses that will be beneficial for both the employer and employee. We aimed at providing the knowledge to the students that can make them proficient in that field. So that students don’t get stuck in their career at any point in time. Among the various career oriented courses Hardware and Networking course, like MNA+ cloud is one of the courses which we are the pioneer in delivering to our students.

Looking for the courses in this field?
Courses ranging from certificate level to master’s level are available in computer hardware and networking. Interested students can pursue the following courses after their 12th in the field of computer hardware and networking.

Certificate courses in networking include Linux that is one of the popular course in networking for LAN administration. Cisco certifications are CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE.

Networking Training in Barasat, Kolkata
We at GITSG maintain the utmost quality in our service. We start the batch with a single digit member so that students will get a complete attention. Students who are really looking out to start their career in IT field. We are here to provide competent training to students to gain complete knowledge on the subject according to industry needs. We provide free access to hardware and software systems. We are considered for our quality service delivered to our students, which worth of their time and money. We train our students to deploy at the industry without much effect. We polish and hone the skills of employees, so that students may get succeed everywhere they attend interviews.

What are Hardware and networking?
Computer hardware is the integration of some physical components in a systematic way to make the computer system. The physical components of the computer which mainly consists of- Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Hard disk drive, Graphics card, Mother Board, SMPS, Speakers, etc.

Let us discuss separately about Computer Hardware & Networking…


Networking is the interconnection of computer components that allows the computer system to exchange data, connect to another system, and communicate with other devices. These can be done using cable media or wireless media. Networking devices may include gateways, routers, network bridges, wireless access points, line drivers, modems, networking cables, switches, repeaters, and hub. It may also include hybrid network devices such as – proxy servers, firewalls, protocol converters, bridge routers, multilayer switches, network address, etc. NIC’s (Network Interface Cards) are the most common type of network devices used on a network.


Hardware networking professionals deal with various hardware components. A network topology is a structured arrangement of multiple elements of a computer network. Which consists of links, routers, nodes, etc; each having one or more connecting devices such as a NIC (Network Interface Card) or a serial device for PPP networking. It’s arranged in such a way; so that, its flow of information we can depict it in either physically or logically. In physical topological networks, consists various components of a network, including cable installation, device location. On the other hand, Logical topology specifies, the flow of data within a network, irrespective of its physical design. The arrangement of devices varies based on topologies such as the distance between the nodes, transmission rates, physical interconnections or signal type may vary between two networks, yet their topologies may or may not be identical.

Each computer is possessed with network software that assists the server or client functionality. Data is transmitted across the network using a hardware device called media. Which includes – optical fiber, copper cable, or wireless transmission. Network topologies, network categories are classified into two main categories, which includes-Server-based and Peer to Peer.

Jobs & Career Scope in Networking and Hardware Training
What is the career scope in computer hardware and networking field?

Huge career opportunities and jobs are there in the field of computer hardware and networking. We developed our learning environment in such a way, that students love to learn the subject. With us, it’s not a daunting task for the students to learn and explore the subject. We designed every course based on industry needs so that students will get the right knowledge to clear interview with an ease. We allow our students to dream high, and we there to achieve it in all possible ways.

Where are the hardware professionals required?

Today, the Information Technology (IT) sector gaining popularity and due to this advancement in the IT sector, lucrative job opportunities are available in public and private organizations. We are not just an institute; it’s a research center for our students to look at a different point of view to check out different opportunities they can get. Hardware and networking is the very good field and it’s an ever demanding and you don’t get any gap in this field in your career. This field will provide you with lots of opportunities and transferring and upgrading of skills is also very easy in this field.

We understand the needs of students and industries and accordingly we designed our own policies and procedures to designed the course syllabus and provide such an environment to achieve them. Our students are placed in a reputed organization of Barasat, Kolkata companies. We use the smart way of teaching techniques to implement advanced technologies. Students who are very much interested in learning deep knowledge of the subject in the IT field, we provide best platform for them. The way we deliver the course will bring changes in their learning experience. Students will get the enthusiasm to explore more about the subject.

Job Titles of computer hardware Engineers:

According to the qualification and experience in the technical field, one can be allotted for the different positions in the industry. Job profiles for the hardware and networking professionals are given below:

Systems Engineer
Design Engineer
Systems Integration Engineer
Project Engineer
Field Service Engineer
Job Titles in Network Engineers:

System administrator
Network Engineer
Technical Support
IT administrator
Network administrator
Security-Database development and administration
We are one of the most considered names in the field of computer hardware and networking and we are looking to spread our services and refine them even further.

Best Hardware and Networking Training in Barasat, Kolkata
Get enrolled for the most promising career in the world. GITSG offers a high learning platform in Hardware and Networking field. We use advanced technologies to learn the subject in an advanced way and make our students ready to deploy for industry level projects.

Hardware and Networking training in Barasat, Kolkata
We provide best Hardware and Networking training in Barasat, Kolkata. We at GITSG make use of advanced technology and updated with the latest software’s and its version to train our students in a more advanced manner. We aimed at providing quality and more advanced way of learning environment that helps students to be competitive in the market. We help our students to learn the subject with ease and provide laboratory and software access to explore more about the subject. We provide a deep understanding of every physical component and networking types. Our student’s strong foundation will help them to explore more and implement projects.

The way we designed our course will help our students to be more creative and implement new ideas in the project. We don’t restrict our students to any specific limits, help them to create new points about each topic and even provide them an assignment at the end. The students can easily clear their doubts at the end of each session. Our technical team is very supportive they will help you in all possible ways to get the right knowledge about every component. We don’t regret our students at any point in time.

About our Hardware and Networking Trainers
We have qualified trainers on advanced platforms; our trainer’s experience helps our students to be more innovative in implementing their projects. Our trainers have good experience in handling projects in different fields and various types of network and they even know the advanced strategies of networking. Our trainer’s capabilities will reflect on our students learning, they will get motivation and confidence from trainers. Trainers have good patience to explain every topic in depth until students get it completely about it. The experience of trainers helps the students to learn the subject in different ways and look at different opportunities in this field.

Hardware and Networking Training with Certification
Hardware and Networking is the most demanding and ever promising field in the market. Whatever the advancement revolution come in technology, it will not affect the career of Hardware and Networking field. MNC’s and even SME’s are looking out for this profile. You can take this as an opportunity to start your career by getting Hardware and Networking training. Certification in this field will help you to stand out from the group; candidates with certification are given priory than an uncertified peer. We even provide placement assistance to our students by taking mock interviews and tests. We believe our success lies in our student’s success and help them to get placed in a reputed organization.


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