Mobile Repairing Courses In Barasat, Kolkata

Mobile Repairing Courses In Barasat, Kolkata

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We undertake mobile repairing courses in Barasat Kolkata. We teach mobile repairing, problem identification and solving. All our mobile repairing courses comes with lots of practical knowledge. Our courses teach you to repair all kinds of mobile phones, smart phones. Anyone can learn to repair mobiles and we take lots of practical sessions to ensure that you really get a good knowledge.

The program covers both hardware and software repairs. The training starts from basic knowledge of electronics and goes up to advanced troubleshooting of faults. Many people trust V care mobile when they are interested in learning mobile repairing. After successful completion of course people will successfully able to repair all kinds of phone handsets.

So one who is willing to make career in mobile repairing can join this course. We provide lots of technical guidance during the course.

Prospectus of mobile repairing course different module
1.Mobile Repairing Course Module 1
1. Hardware and software standard module duaration of two month(working fifty days).
2. History of mobile as a general knowledge and past repair and service industries.
3. Mobile application, services and futures.
4. Bandard sic electronic (only for mobile mobile reparing ).
5. Method of use multimeter,smd rework station and iron machine and recommended tolls and euipmet.
6. Method of mobile dissemblly assemblly (video clips, slide shows and practically).
7. Pats specification and ic dierectoin with detial explanation.
8. Daigram section blog daigram, schemantic daigram pcb daigram.
9. Different types of standard hardware fault.

No power on ,on off switch,battery connector(p.shoting and n.shoting)earpiece (spekar) ringer (loudspeakar) mic,vibrator(motor)display(graphic glass led lcd, retina lcd) light,sim, mmc,camera,network,handsfree,usb,charging,battery,fm,bluettoth,wifi.

1. Different types of cleanning and servicing method.
2. Standard types of fault tracing.
3. Slide shows,videos, images related to hardware fault.
4. Counselling with engineers.
5. Technical support.
6. Course meterial.
7. Note ,cds,and online support.
8. Software section.
9. Different types of standard software faults
10. Formating .
11. Flashing.
12. Unlocking
Mobile Repair center

2.Mobile Repairing Course Module 2
1. Only hardware standard
2. As followed by first module hardware only
3. Duaration of the thirty days
4. Ten days extra practical on engineer base.(working fourty days)

3.Mobile Repairing Course Module 3
1. Only software(standard)
2. Duaration of twenty days and extra five days practical on enginner base.

4.Mobile Repairing Course Module 4
1. Only hardware advance.
2. Duaration of twenty days and ten days extra standard instruction of advance hardware.
3. Advance hardware faults.
4. Sensor ball .
5. Sensor pad.
6. Touchpad(resitive capacitive).
7. Lcd led with touchpad.
8. Keypad fpcb.
9. Display fpcb.
10. Camera fpcb.
11. Main slider fpcb.
12. Network connection.
13. Power supply.
14. Battery backup power supply.
15. Charging power supply.
16. jostic

5.Mobile Repairing Course Module 5
1. only software advance.
2. Duaration of twenty days and five days extra (working days twenty five)
3. Pda and smart phone software
4. Installation desktop applications (ios and active synch)
5. Flashing
6. Unlocking
7. formating
8. network unlocking
9. sp unlocking
10. remote unlocking

6.Mobile Repairing Course Module 6
1. hardware and software advance
2. duaration of thirty days and ten extra lecture on enginner base(as wecoverd software and hardware only advane)

7.Mobile Repairing Course Module 7
1. highly advance course on technition base.
2. Recommended by expert enginner
3. Live faults on repairing with engineer
4. We offer weekend course(Saturday,Sunday)
5. Seminar with expert engineer

The mobile repairing course is divided into three parts:
1. Theory
2. Practicals
3. Practice

1. Basics of Mobile Communication.
2. Use of tools & instruments used in mobile phone repairing.
3. Details of various components used in mobile phones.
4. Basic parts of mobile phones (mic, speaker, buzzer, LCD, antenna, etc).
5. Use of multimeter.
6. Use of battery booster.
7. Basic Circuit Board / Motherboard Introduction.
8. Assembling & disassembling of different types of mobile phones.
9. Soldering & desoldering components using different soldering tools.
10. Names of different ICs.
11. Work of different ICs.
12. Working on SMD / BGA ICs and the PCB.
13. Fault finding & troubleshooting.
14. Jumpering techniques and solutions.
15. Troubleshooting through circuit diagrams.
16. Repairing procedure for fixing different hardware and advanced faults.

1. Flashing
2. Formatting
3. Unlocking
4. Use of secret codes
5. Downloading

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