Restaurants Website

Restaurants Website

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Front panel

1) Home : Home page contain logo, organization name, dynamic sliding banner, welcome message, search option etc.

2) About us : About us contain details of organization, our mission and strategy ,why choose us, media review & affiliation.

3) Menu : List of all menus like, appetizers, soup & salad, main course, side dish, desserts etc will be show there.

4) Event : Customers can check all events details like food festival in this section.

5) Gallery : Visitor can be checking all events photos & videos.

6) Reservation : Customer can do booking & cancelation in this section.

7) Feedback : Customer can give us suggestions, complains and feedback in this section.

8) Contact us : Contact address, email, phone number, Google map location will be there.

Administrator panel

1) Secure login panel.

2) Change password & logout facilities.

3) New menu : Admin can add & edit new menu details in this section. Here will show all menus.

5) New event : Admin can add & edit new events details in this section. Here will show all events.

7) Reservation details : Customers reservation details like name, address, contact no, date, table no, time etc, will be show there & also can approved or canceled from this panel

8) Gallery : All necessary files can be uploaded from admin panel that can view from front panel.

9) Feedback section : Suggestions, complains and feedback details can be show here

10) Popup : Popup box can set from admin panel.

If you want any additional features we can add it also.


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