Why Learn Web Designing?

There are numerous good graphic designers out there but since a long period software industry is hugely lacking good Web Designers. If you're an artist who loves to work with technology, or a techie who has an appreciation for good design, then the Web design field may be right for you. The popularity of the Internet and the current media craze has placed web designers in high demand in today's work force, and that trend is expected to continue.

Many institutes teach Graphic Designing but the no. of institutes teach Industry standard Web Designing are less. That caused a huge gap between demand and availability of good Web Designers.

Our Process of Web Designing Training:

This training program is a complete job oriented training program. We train our candidates according to the feedback of IT companies and their demand of knowledge. This training program is focused to that particular knowledge aria which has proper implementation in real live project execution.

Course Details:

Duration:Total training duration 87 Hrs.
Course Fees:  8,000 

Module Structure: 

Module 1: Use of Photoshop Tools

(Use of tools, Layers, Filter and Concept about web page size, design, layout)

Duration: 24 Hrs

Case Study : Website layout creation using Photoshop”

Module 2: Introduction to HTML & HTML5

(HTML Tags, Table/Div, Forms, Input, Events, iframe, attributes)

Duration: 12 Hrs

Case Study : A web page coding using HTML table structure”

Module 3: Introduction to CSS / CSS2 / CSS3

(CSS Properties, CSS Value, CSS Syntax, CSS Comments)

Duration: 18 Hrs

Case Study : Webpage coding using DIV & CSS / CSS2”

Module 4: Introduction to Responsive Design

(CSS3 Properties, Media screen, Screen resolutions, Fluid CSS)

Duration: 6 Hrs

Case Study :Webpage coding using HTML5 and CSS3 supports various screens”

Module 5: XHTML rules, W3C validation & browser compatibility

(XHTML rules, DOCTYPE validation through W3C live site, browser compatibility of div)

Duration: 3 Hrs

Case Study : Make a web page compatible to all popular browsers”

Module 6: Basics of JavaScript, Implementing JQuery & Web 2.0 design guideline

(Implementing JavaScript, JQurey into website, customize design)

Duration: 12 Hrs

Case Study : Implement JavaScript and JQuery in a webpage”

Live Project Development

Duration: 12 Hrs

“On completion of the course Students will be assigned with a Live Website development job under the guidance of our Project Manager from Development Center.”

Certification as Trainee Software Engineer:

On successful execution of the assigned project work on Web Designing you will be certified by Global IT Solutions Group.